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»  REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: Supplying Portable X-ray fluorescence for the detection of POP-BFRs in waste plastic 
    Deadline: 15 April 2020

The Medical and Electronic Waste Management Project (MEWM) requests you to submit your Quotation for Supplying Portable X-ray fluorescence for the detection of POP-BFRs in waste plastics.
Further information available on:  https://www.undp.org/content/dam/egypt/docs/Vacancies/Procurement/2020/March2020

»  Pre-Qualification for Procurement of Autoclave System for Medical Waste Treatment
     Deadline: 15 May 2018

The Medical and Electronic Waste Management Project (MEWM) invites applications from suitably experienced and established Suppliers/Companies, for prequalifying for the turnkey project for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Equipment for a Central Treatment Facility (CTF) for Infectious Healthcare Waste (HCW) including the construction of building(s) and training of operators.
It is intended to pre-qualify potential Suppliers/Companies for their participation in the upcoming bidding process. Hence, interested international/local Companies with required experience and qualifications are requested to complete the Pre-Qualification Application and submit relevant documentation/information as to demonstrate that they are eligible and have required skills and qualifications to undertake such a project on a turnkey basis. This Pre-qualification will remain valid for the next one year after its date of completion. If any other similar requirement of similar nature arises within the aforesaid one-year period, the outcome of this Process will also be used for conducting the bidding process for those requirements.
Further information available on: http://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=45364

» UNDP-GEF Mid-Term Review Consultant
   Deadline: 13 May 2018

The MTR consultant is expected to follow a collaborative and participatory approach ensuring close engagement with the Project Team, government counterparts, the UNDP Country Office(s), UNDP-GEF Regional Technical Advisers, and other key stakeholders.
The MTR will assess progress towards the achievement of the project objectives and outcomes as specified in the Project Document, and assess early signs of project success or failure with the goal of identifying the necessary changes to be made in order to set the project on-track to achieve its intended results. The MTR will also review the project’s strategy, its risks to sustainability.
Further information available on: http://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=46064


>> Repackaging, shipment and safe disposal of about 36,000 (667 ton) Cathode Ray Tube Monitors at Egyptian Ports

Deadline: 23 December 2018

The project aims to support the disposal of a large number (about 36000 of Cathode Ray Tubes Monitors (667 ton) (of hazardous characteristics) stored at seven Egyptian ports namely: Alexandria, Dekheila, Damietta, Port Said, Suez, Safaga and Aswan ports.  Most of these CRTs have been in the custody of the above mentioned Ports Authorities for years. The Project is seeking contractors to conduct the repackaging, export and proper disposal of these goods.

Further information available on: http://procurement-notices.undp.org


>> Site Officer for the Construction of Two Central Infectious Waste Treatment Facilities in Gharbia Governorate

Deadline: 25 November 2018

The site officer is expected to follow up on the execution of construction works of Central Treatment Facilities Buildings reporting and providing day-to-day support to Project Management Unit (PMU).

Further information available on: http://www.eg.undp.org/