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The project conducted ToT program on sustainable management of Healthcare Waste from 3 to 11 August 2018 in Sharm El Sheikh


Dr. Yasmin Fouad, Minister of Environment, and Ms. Randa Aboul-Hosn, Country Director of UNDP Egypt, participated in the intensive training organized by the Ministry of Environment through the “Medical and Electronic Waste Management” project funded by the GEF and UNDP to train  trainers on sustainable management of Healthcare Waste held from  3 to 11 August 2018 in Sharm El Sheikh

Dr.  Yasmin commended the cooperation between the Ministries of Environment, Health and Population and stressed the importance of establishing an entity that provides certified certificates for workers in the field of hazardous medical waste management.

The aim of the training is to build and raise the efficiency of the staff of the hazardous medical waste management system and to create qualified cadres to implement best environmental practices and the latest available technologies, in addition to implementing the priorities and strategies of the Ministries of Health, Population and Environment in accordance with international standards

Ms. Aboul-Hosn stressed the importance of dealing with the remnants of health care in a scientific and sound manner. The training courses developed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), which is considered the world’s leading reference in this field, are highlighted by the project’s experts to re-produce the work in the health sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The training program covers all aspects of the sustainable management of hazardous medical waste including mercury from separation, collection, storage, transport and final safe disposal of medical waste through incineration or sterilization at various levels including medical, nursing and labor

Dr. Tarek Al Araby, Project Manager, pointed out that the training program will begin with the participation of trainees in this course. It will then expand at the national level from five typical healthcare facilities in Sharkia and Gharbia and Cairo University hospitals. The project will secure financial resources required to implement the system at these facilities and to supply mercury-free medical devices. The project will also set up 2  central treatment plants to treat all hazardous medical waste generated in Al Gharbia Governorate, which is operated by the system of chopping and sterilization

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